King Aradan Garistano II

Aradan Garistano II was the ruler of Rennsfar in the year 1008/6, when the War of the Fallen Crown began.

Aradan was furious when King Durand of Serathyr tried to seize the Greymist Hills, and keenly observed the much smaller kingdom of Elyria stubbornly fight his forces. But when Iskandar entered the war and King Ilnavel invaded Elyria from across the Iron Sea, Aradan knew Elyria was doomed without help. When asked for aid, he gave it.

Aradan soon entered the war on Elyria's side, landing many troops on Elyrian soil and saving the country from destruction. His troops killed king Ilnavel of Iskandar in a skirmish later that year, and the war took a bloody turn. Rennsfari coastal towns and villages were attacked and burnt, and Rennsfari merchant ships were seized. Aradan persevered, and ultimately, his forces were successful.

King Aradan was the only one of four kings present to survive the Battle of Anley.