Princess Aranmë Myrnäe

Aranmë Myrnäe was the only daughter of King Elmar of Alveron.

The princess was considered the most beautiful woman in all the realm of Alveron, and that King Elmar loved his daughter more than life itself.

In the year 236 of the Fourth Age, the Princess was murdered by Veronia; a high priestess of Ilsundal. The distraught King Elman then foolishly made a Faustian bargain with the Lich-King Alokkair to restore her to life in return for his freedom from the dungeons of Castle Myrdon.

Alokkair restored Aranmë to life, but corrupted her into a dark, cruel, and insane monster who would eventually murder her father, mother, and three brothers before killing herself. It is said that the ghost of Aranmë still walks the halls of Castle Myrdon looking for forgiveness for her heinous deeds.