Queen Arathea Garistano
Reign: 1228/6–present
Coronation: 25 Ambyrmont 1228/6
Predecessor: King Argilan II
Heir apparent: Prince Aradon
Spouse: King Argilan II (d.)
Issue: Emadriel
House: Garistano Dynasty
Husband: Argilan II
Born: 21 Kaldmont 1206/6
Religion: Neutral
Arathea Garistano is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Rennsfar, and the nineteenth monarch of her Dynasty.

Arathea assumed the Emerald Throne in 1228/6, after her husband, King Argilan II, was slain in the Battle of Kestra.

This Ralani Queen is known to be a powerful sorceress, and is greatly feared by her political rivals.