The Arcanum is a mysterious and secretive organization of evil mages, priests, and scholars who endlessly plot against the lawful kingdoms of the West and strive for the downfall of civilization.

It is known that a group of fanatical extremist wizards, who were labeled ‘Anarchists’ by the Veiled Society, rebelled against them many hundreds of years ago and created the Arcanum. The Arcanum’s current motives, allegiances, and membership are a complete mystery, and only a few persons of the Veiled Society and various royal courts even know of their existence. The Arcanum is the arch-rival of the Veiled Society, and constantly plans for the ultimate downfall of the civilized kingdoms of the West. Some believe the Arcanum is allied with Sorimmar in the East. The symbol of the Arcanum is a red Triquetra on a black field. It is said that senior members of the Arcanum actually pluck out one of their own eyes and replace it with a red magical gem that is imbued with tremendous magical power. The members of the Arcanum are known by the term ‘Warlocks.’


The Warlocks of the Arcanum are one of the most dangerous forces of evil on Corwyn, who seek to use magic and mind control to dominate the races of Corwyn.

It is said, that the Arcanum began as a small group of Gauth sorcerers who learned magic from the Dark-Elves and secrets of mind-control from the Illithids. The combination of both is truly terrifying. Most Arcanum members wear dark grey hooded robes, and do not show their faces outside of their dark lairs and deep halls. The secret citadel of this organization is said to be deep within the Warlock Mountains, and the Freehold of Dhorvania is rumored to be a front for their evil organization. The Arcanum has stationed agents in every city on Corwyn, and maintains hidden strongholds and secret outposts throughout the West, usually in rural areas. The Arcanum use blackguards and assassins as their primary agents, and most know nothing of their masters’ true intentions. It is said that after Sorimmar, the Arcanum is the single most dangerous threat to the West on Corwyn today.