Arcelor was an ancient, mysterious wizard known for two important achievements; saving the Iskari people from the Doom, and later assuming ruler-ship of the Free City of Redmark.

In the late Third Age, a great Iskari explorer named Ilvanos returned from his travels across the Wyn Myr.

He had visited Corwyn and told his son Ilnavel of an ancient elvish city called Wyn Falas. Ilvanos also brought with him a powerful and mysterious wizard named Arcelor.

Arcelor seemed to have power of foresight and warned of the impeding doom of the Iskari Empire. This dark prophecy came to be known as the "Doom."

Because of his awesome magical powers, Many Iskari came to believe the prophecy of Arcelor, including Ilvanos and his son, Ilnavel.

Soon, father and son began building a great fleet of ships. Ilnavel sailed off Ikharos for Corwyn, just before the cataclysmic events of Skyfall, and later founded the kingdom of Iskandar.

Over the ages, Arcelor had a huge influence on Corwyn, specifically in the region called the Vast. He helped free the city of Redmark from the tyrant Angus Brevoy, and was later proclaimed the first Lord of the "Free City."

During his long reign, Arcelor greatly expanded Castle Redmark, and founded both the Krakenmoor Academy of magic and Redmark College. Arcelor also renounced the Edict of Marquand, and allowed the free use of magic within the city limits.

Sadly, near the end of life, Arcelor grew erratic and prone to fits of madness. One of his final acts was to appoint Janus Norwald as his successor, whom he appointed the first "Viscount of the Freehold of Norwald. "

Arcelors' true identity was never known, or how he possessed the prior knowledge that the Iskari Empire was doomed. Some sages believe he was one of the Elder-Elves, others say he was a chronomancer. It remains a great mystery to this day.

Legend has it that Arcelor was once a member of the famous Circle of Eight.