Arellani Dynasty

The Arellani Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from Eldaran King Dareon, who came to power when his distant cousin, King Hagar II was slain in a Vilzari ambush in 1257/4.

The Arellani family inherited a weak and war-ravaged nation, beset with enemies on the north and south. Within the first fifty years of its rule, the Arellani Dynasty fought the Vilzari, the Mad-King Gayorg of Rhodara, and the orc hordes of Alokkair. The Dynasty ended in 422/5 when its last monarch, King Ragnar II, was slain during the First Vilzari War and was succeeded by King Theos Tamarlane. The House of Arellani ruled the kingdom of Eldara for 462 years and a total of eighteen monarchs sat on the Iron Throne at Castle Ironfist.

The eighteen Arellani monarchs of Eldara are listed below:

Dareon 1257-1289/4 †
Relgar 1289-1297/4, †
Dareon II 1-24/5 †
Damion 24-43/5 †
Dareon III 43-62/5
Agathar 62-80/5
Agon II 80-116/5
Robar 116-142/5
Hagar 142-171/5
Radovan 171-198/5 †
Aron 198-233/5
Morgan 233-269/5
Damon 269-304/5
Agathar II 304-323/5†
Damion II 323-360/5
Ragnar 360-385/5
Relgar II 385-407/5
Ragnar II 407-422/5 †