Arellani Dynasty

The Arellani Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers, descended from King Dareon, who assumed rulership of Eldara when his distant cousin, King Hagar II was slain in a Vilzari ambush in 1257/4.

The Arellani family inherited a weak and war-ravaged nation, beset with enemies on both north and south. Within the first fifty years of its rule, the Arellani Dynasty fought the Vilzari, the Mad-King of Rhodara, and the orc hordes of Alokkair.

The Dynasty ended in 422/5 when its last monarch; King Ragnar II, was slain during the First Vilzari War and was succeeded by King Theos Valencio. The House of Arellani ruled the kingdom of Eldara for 462 years and a total of eighteen monarchs sat on the Amethyst Throne at Castle Ironfist.

The Arellani Monarchs of Eldara

Dareon 1257-1289/4 †
Relgar 1289-1297/4, †
Dareon II 1-24/5 †
Damion 24-43/5 †
Dareon III 43-62/5
Agathar 62-80/5
Agon II 80-116/5
Robar 116-142/5
Hagar 142-171/5
Radovan 171-198/5 †
Myriana 198-233/5
Morgan 233-269/5
Damon 269-304/5
Agathar II 304-323/5†
Damion II 323-360/5
Ragnar 360-385/5
Relgar II 385-407/5
Ragnar II 407-422/5 †