Viscount Argus Theed

Argus Theed is a powerful Vaas noble and the current ruler of both the Freehold of Norwald and the Free City of Redmark.

As Patriarch of the venerable House of Theed, Lord Argus is considered one of the most influential and powerful political figures on Corwyn today; even surpassing some rulers of western kingdoms that are many times larger.

He maintains close relations with King Ulric of Ammarind, King Hatharon of Erindar, King Ramelos of Elyria, and the dwarven King Andrathor of Orrek; as trade between Norwald and those four nations is critical to the prosperity of the Free City.

Argus' father was Arthos Theed; one of the famed heroes of the Battle of Emridy Meadows.