Queen Ariel Alessarë

(803/2-702/3) Queen Ariel Alessarë was the first Grey-Elf queen of Wyntharë, a member of the House of Alessarë, and one of three elven leaders involved in the Sundering.

Ariel was the daughter of Talarion Brightstar. After his death during the War of Wrath, Ariel founded the Grey-Elf realm of Wyntharë at the end of the Second Age. Queen Ariel ruled Wyntharë for little over 700 years (1-702/3).

Upon Ariel's death, the realm of Wyntharë passed to her youngest son; Ajathar. This was because her eldest son; Arkelion had been slain in the year 252/3, at the Battle of Orgorod.