Queen Ariel Alessarë

(803/2-884/3) Queen Ariel Alessarë was the first ruler of Wyntharë, and one of three elven leaders of the Sundering.

Ariel was the daughter of Talarion Brightstar and a member of the House of Alessarë.

At the end of the Second Age, after her father's death during the War of Wrath, Ariel founded a new elven nation called "Wyntharë," which became the home of the Grey-Elves.

In the year 252 of the Third Age, her eldest son, Arkelion was slain at the Battle of Orgorod.

For over 700 years, Queen Ariel ruled Wyntharë. In the year 884/3, her reign ended in tragedy, when she was killed during the Great Rift.

This a horrific earthquake also devastated her entire realm, consumed the capital of Selunë, and left the cities of Alarë and Wyn Falas in ruins.

Upon her death, rule of the Grey-Elves passed to Ariel's youngest son, Ajathar.