Queen Ariel Alessarë

(803/2-884/3) Queen Ariel Alessarë was the first ruler of Wyntharë, and one of three elven leaders of the Sundering.

Ariel was the daughter of Talarion Brightstar and a member of the House of Alessarë.

At the end of the Second Age, after her father's death during the War of Wrath, Ariel founded a new elven nation called "Wyntharë," which became the home of the Grey-Elves.

In the year 252 of the Third Age, her eldest son, Arkelion was slain at the Battle of Orgorod.

Queen Ariel ruled Wyntharë for over 700 years, until the year 884/3. That year, she was killed during the Great Rift; a terrible earthquake which devastated her entire realm, completely consumed the city of Selunë, and left the cities of Alarë and Wyn Falas in ruins.

Upon her death, rulership over the shattered realm of Wyntharë passed to Ariel's youngest son, Ajathar.