Aristos the Chronicler

(AR -69 to AR 42) Aristos the Chronicler was a prominent Shadurian scholar and historian of the Kingdom of Eloysia, whose accounts serve as the primary source for historical records of that era.

The first records of the Eloysian people are from the Accounts of Aristos; the most well-known historical chronicler of ancient Azorian history. Aristos, who was a Shadurian scholar, spent almost his entire life in Sanjakar, serving as both a teacher and historian to the Eloysian royal court. Over his life, Aristos served three successive Eloysian monarchs, and the first Eloysian Emperor.

Aristos, who had been trained as a historian at the Prestige Academies of Garuda, was sent by the Overlords of Sha'Dur to the Eloysian capital of Sanjakar to serve as tutor and advisor to the Eloysian royal court.

When Aristos arrived in the year AR -46, the Eloysian ruler was King Alvaro. Alvaro directed Aristos to become a tutor for his children, including his eldest son, the crown prince Tilvanos. Aristos continued to serve as tutor and advisor to Tilvanos, even after he became king.

He also served as mentor to Tilvanos' daughter; Princess Lorica. Aristos was quite old when young Al'Dur was born, but he served as tutor to the young prince as well, and helped shape him into the great man he would become.

Even after the Al'Dur had conquered the entire continent and established the Eloysian Empire, Aristos remained at his side as advisor and historian until his death at age 111.