Freehold of Arkadia

Capitols: Falken and Larken (populations; 9,000\7,000).
Human Population: 96,000 (86% Vaas, 11% Iskari, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 7,000 (30% dwarves, 25% elves, 25% halflings, 20% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Innis Dragonsbane
Coat of Arms: a black ram on a purple and ermine field
Imports: vegetables, grain, crafts
Exports: gold, iron, stone, livestock

The freehold of Arkadia is a powerful vassal state of the kingdom of Elyria; located in the Irondale region; near the northern shores of the Almyron Sea. The freehold is one of two freeholds in Irondale; a fiercely-contested region between the nations of Derianor and Elyria. Recently, Arkadia has been in a state of constant hostilities with her neighboring Freehold of Grüenwald.

There are two major villages in the freehold; Falken and Larken, which are named for the two sons of the original Lord who was granted the freehold by the king of Elyria. Elyrian freeholds have always had two purposes; first they bring in a source of revenue to the monarchy by way of taxes, and second, they are a necessary buffer state between Elyria and her sometimes hostile neighbors.

The freehold of Arkadia, like her eastern sister state, is much more autonomous and powerful than other freeholds located elsewhere. In fact, the leaders of the freehold sit on royal council meetings, voice their interests on policy to the monarch of Elyria, and wield heavy influence there.

The Viscounts of Arkadia in recent years have consolidated their power so that combined they have nearly the military might of the kingdom itself. This has caused the King of Elyria much worry.
The freehold of Arkadia can wield nearly 2,000 troops when fully mobilized. The two freeholds of Arkadia and Grüenwald are almost constantly at war with one another.



Arkadia was founded 800 years ago by a Vaas Noble Lord named Falken Arkad. After his death, his son Larken took over the freehold, and the House of Arkad ruled the region for many years thereafter. During the Tunston Uprising, the House of Arkad was destroyed and the Freehold was taken over by the House of Dragonsbane.