Arkan Feyr

(population: 21,000) Located under the Axehead Mountains, Arkan Feyr is a massive dwarven city.

Arkan Feyr was built in the Second Age by the dwarves of the ancient Inorlaiken Clan. This city was once the capital of the Dwarf-Realm of Chokar and the home to the Greystone Chair of that realm.

During the War of Sorrows, the city was besieged from 470-527/3 by a goblin army led by Gordak the Merciless; but despite nearly sixty years of siege, it never fell. Throughout this long siege, the city was held by King Gorn the Defiant, who refused all goblin demands for surrender.

In 527/3, Gorn broke the siege and killed Gordak and four of his sons in single combat before being slain himself.

Today, Arkan Feyr is an integral eastern citadel of the Dwarf-Realm of Orrek.

The city is accessible via the High Road, which leads west to DarĂ´k and east toward Northam.