Arkan Feyr

(population: 21,000) Arkan Feyr is a large dwarven city located within the Axehead Mountains.

In the Second Age, the magnificent city of Arkan Feyr was built by the dwarves of the Inorlaiken Clan, and became the capital of an ancient dwarven nation called Chokar.

For centuries, the dwarven kings of the Inorlaiken Clan ruled Chokar from the Greystone Chair, which was located in the Great Hall. Under their leadership, Arkan Feyr become fabulously wealthy and its people prospered.

The Great Siege

The prosperity of the dwarves of Arkan Feyr did not go unnoticed by their goblin neighbors, and dark times came to the city when the War of Sorrows broke out in the year 409 of the Third Age.

In the year 470/3, a huge goblin army, led by led by Gordak the Merciless, laid siege to the city of Arkan Feyr, and its population was completely surrounded and cut off. King
Gorn Inorlaiken, stubbornly refused every goblin demand to surrender.

The bitter stand-off lasted nearly sixty years, before a massive dwarven host arrived to break the siege and destroy the goblin army. In the fateful year, 527/3, Gorn led the dwarves of Arkan Feyr against the goblins, where he killed Gordak in single combat before being slain himself.

As part of Orrek

After the War of Sorrows ended, the dwarves were weak and divided. King Algathor united all three independent dwarven nations into a new nation called "Orrek," which has endured until this very day.

Today, Arkan Feyr is an integral part of that nation, and its farthest eastern citadel. The city trades with the dwarves of Darôk via the High Road, and conducts much trade with the human settlement of Northam.