Prince Arkelion Alessarë

(1085/2 -252/3) Arkelion Alessarë was the Crown-Prince of Wyntharë, who was slain in the year 252/3 while leading an army of Grey-Elves against Alokkair’s hordes at the Battle of Orgorod.

Although Arkelion and many of his warriors perished in this terrible battle, they helped save the Council of Sorcerë and their castle from capture.

When Alokkair began the Gauth War and attempted to overthrow the Council of Sorcerë, Arkelion answered their desperate call for aid.

In the year 252/3, He marched from Starfall with a large elven army, and fought heroically against Alokkair's Gauth and orc-hordes at the Battle of Orgorod.

During the fierce battle, Arkelion engaged Alokkair in single combat. The Prince gravely wounded the Lich-King many times with his sword and spear, before being killed himself. Many who were present that day, saw the dark lord fall and thus believed him slain.

In recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of Arkelion and his fallen Elven warriors, the Saar later bestowed three of the Silvarils upon the Grey-Elf realm of Wyntharë.

Many years later, the grandson of Wood-Elf King Ectharion Liëflynne was named for this fallen hero.