King Aron Durethë

(Reign: 159-194/4) Aron Durethë was an ambitious and greedy king of Eldara who, in the year 179/4, began the so-called Glorious Conquest; a ruthless military campaign to conquer the Kratheri Peninsula and enslave its native people.

King Aron greatly desired to expand his domain east across the South Sea, so he ordered his eldest son; Prince Daghon to lead an invasion of the Kratheri Peninsula. The invasion caused massive death and suffering among the native Kratheri population.

After many years, Prince Daghon eventually conquered much of the Kratheri kingdom of Kerathos, colonized most of the Kratheri Peninsula, and enslaved most of its native Kratheri population. Although, the prince himself was slain during the siege of the Kratheri capital of Jareesh.

King Aron called his new domain "East Eldara" and the small Thannish settlement of Durendar became its new capital.

King Aron was the fifth monarch of the Durethë Dynasty, and sat upon the Iron Throne between the years 159 and 194 of the Fourth Age. He did not live to see the completion of the conquest of the Kratheri Peninsula; but his younger son; King Raynor did.

Sages say that the death of his first-born, embittered King Aron the rest of his days. One of his last decrees was that once the city of Jareesh fell, it was was to be utterly destroyed and never rebuilt. This cruel order was obeyed and over 100,000 Kratheri people were murdered when the city was captured.