King Aron Durethë

Aron Durethë was an ambitious king of Eldara who, in 179/4, began to expand his domain eastward across the Sea of Eldara. He ordered Prince Daghon; his eldest son, to lead a great expedition across the sea to the Kratheri Peninsula and conquer those lands for Eldara.

This expedition became known as the Glorious Conquest. Prince Daghon eventually conquered much of the Kratheri kingdom of Kerathos, colonized most of the Kratheri Peninsula, and enslaved most of its native Kratheri population.

This new kingdom became known as East Eldara and was first ruled from the small Thannish settlement of Durendar by Prince Daghon, before his death during the Siege of Jareesh.

King Aron Durethë was the fifth monarch of his line.