Margrave Artemis Kilborne

Artemis Kilborne was a powerful Vaas ruler of the City-state of Redmark at the time of the Wars of Destiny and a member of the House of Kilborne.

In the early years of the Fifth Age, a prominant Warlord named Erin Fremantle declared his intentions to unite all the rival Vaas city-states and territories and forge the first united Kingdom in the Highlands.

When Erin's army marched upon Redmark territory, Artemis defeated him in the famous Battle of Darkwood. That victory secured the independence of his city-state.

In addition to being a skilled battlefield commander, Artemis was also quite politically shrewd. One year after his victory, he offered to join forces with Erin and became his ally. Artemis only did this because he sensed, correctly, that Erin would eventually defeat his rival, King Casperian Rilsav and one day become the ruler of the Highlands region. Artemis' gamble paid off handsomely for both him and the city of Redmark.

As a reward for his alliance with Erin Fremantle; upon the conclusion of the Wars of Destiny; Artemis was appointed the "Margrave of Redmark" by King Erin of the newly-founded Kingdom of Erindar, which ensured the city-state would remain fully independent for centuries.