Artifacts of Corwyn

Scattered across the continent of Corwyn, are rare, ancient artifacts of unspeakable power. These mythical artifacts are usually found in royal treasuries, dark crypts, or ancient dragon-hoards, and only the wisest of sages, are even aware know of their existence.

Below is a list of the most powerful of Corwyn’s artifacts:

Armor of Virtue: Many of these powerful suits of magical armor were crafted during the period of the Ravinian Empire, but most were lost in the Cataclysm.


The Dragonshards: These seven powerful artifacts each contained part of the soul of the slain Dragon-Lord Calegorax.


The Elanthir: Sometimes called the "Guardian-Stones," these seven pale blue gems were created by the Council of Sorcerë, placed into swords, and given to the Seven Champions of the West. Over the centuries, wars and other conflicts caused four of the great swords to be lost. Today, only three remain.


Glimmersteel: The famed sword of Talarion Brightstar and heirloom of the House of Alessarë; lost in the Battle of Grôn.


Forbidden Scrolls: A series of ancient magical writings scribed either by dark sects of the Sable Brethren, or by demons.


The Itharils: sometimes called the ‘Seeing-Stones,’ these twelve magical orbs were created by the Council of Sorcerë to allow distant kings to communicate with each other instantly.


The Orenthir: Sometimes called the "Orenstone," this magical artifact was created by the Council of Sorcerë. This artifact was an orb, approximately eight inches in diameter, finished in bright silver mirrored glass. When activated, however, the orb would begin to give off heat and a strong bluish-white light that could temporarily blind anyone nearby, other than the user. The orb was the most powerful magical artifact ever created by the Saar, and its powers were legendary.


The Power-Rings: Crafted centuries ago by the Spell-Masons and given to the rulers of Ralas, all three rings were later lost or stolen. The three rings were named: "Ilsarion;" the Ring of Fire, "Taranis;" the Ring of Lightning, and "Andalia;" the Ring of the Winds.


The Silvarils: Sometimes called the "Elf-Stones," these nine magical artifacts were created by the Council of Sorcerë and given to the elves in return for their aid at the Battle of Orgorod. There were three blue, three red, and three green stones.


The Phylactery of Stars: sometimes called the Var-Illümen, this powerful magical artifact was created by the Council of Sorcerë to hold vast amounts of magical energy which could then be used to heighten or magnify the powers of spells cast by its members.


The Val-Khûra: Sometimes called Dwarf-Stones, Rune-Stones, or the Lights of the First Forge, these five powerful gems were created by the Council of Sorcerë and given to the dwarves in return for their earlier aid in the Battle of Orgorod.


The Tome of Knowledge: This magical artifact created before the existence of the Council of Sorcerë. Within the pages of this great book are the answer to every riddle, the solution to every problem and recipes for every magical potion, brew, and concoction.


The Zûlenthir: ‘Shadow-Stones’ (Svt) These seven powerful orbs were created by Sorimmar the Necromancer, who later used them to entrap the Zûl and bend them to his will.