Arvedui Clan

The Arvedui Clan was one of the five original dwarf clans on Corwyn, which founded the southern dwarf-realm Khûrzhad in 880/2.

The first king of Khûrzhad was Tharan the Strong. This clan possessed one of the five Elatir, which they used to build the great dwarf city of Orthan Feyr. The clan ruled Khûrzhad for 1,545 years. The Arvedui -led civilization was lost in 884/3 during the Great Rift, when their city of Orthan Feyr was completely destroyed and fell into the Sea of Ralas after a terrible earthquake. Also destroyed with the city of Orthan Feyr, was the entire dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad. The twelfth and final ruler of Khûrzhad was King Thorabard; the 'Drowned-King.'

The twelve Dwarf-Kings of Khûrzhad, hailing from the Arvedui Clan are listed below:

Tharan 880-947/2
Thurgrim 947-1084/2
Thror 1084-1209/2
Terathor 1209-1355/2
Thoren 1355-1541/2 †
Thorm 1541/2, 1-162/3
Theron 162-252/3 †
Tharan II 252-437/3
Thord 437-591/3 †
Thurgrim II 591-726/3
Thurn 726-896/3
Thorabard 869-884/3 †