Arvedui Clan

The dwarvish Arvedui Clan founded the southern realm of Khûrzhad in the year 880/2, under Clan-master Tharan the Strong.

The Saar gave this clan one of the five Val-Khûra, which they used to build the great dwarf city of Orthan Feyr and rule Khûrzhad for 1,545 years.

Sadly, the dwarven civilization of Khûrzhad was lost in the year 884/3 during the Great Rift; when their magnificent city of Orthan Feyr was completely consumed by the waters of the Sea of Ralas after a terrible earthquake. The twelfth and final ruler of Khûrzhad was King Thorabard; the 'Drowned-King.'

The Dwarf-Kings of the Arvedui Clan

Tharan 880-947/2
Thurgrim 947-1084/2
Thror 1084-1209/2
Terathor 1209-1355/2
Thoren 1355-1541/2 †
Thorm 1541/2, 1-162/3
Theron 162-252/3 †
Thord 252-437/3
Theron II 437-591/3 †
Thurgrim II 591-726/3
Tharan II 726-896/3
Thorabard 869-884/3 †