Lost City of Asgamoth

Asgamoth was the earliest Ralani City-State on Corwyn; which was destroyed in the year 884 of the Third Age, during the Great Rift.

Asgamoth was founded in the late Third Age. Asgamoth was a city-state that traded heavily with the Elf-city of Selunë and the Dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad along the Sea of Ralas. It is said that Asgamoth was the wealthiest and most powerful of the Ralani city-states of the late Third Age, and that their pride and arrogance matched their wealth. The city and its surrounding territory were utterly destroyed during the Great Rift in 884/3; a tremendous earthquake that literally caused the entire region to slip beneath the waves of the Sea of Ralas forever. When the city of Asgamoth was consumed, the great temple to the Sea-Goddess Myrival within its walls was lost as well. Inside this temple was rumored to be the Trident of Myrival, which was lost to history as well. To this day, many Ralani will swear that the ancient city-state was destroyed by Myrival as punishment for their greed and vanity. With the destruction of Asgamoth in the Great Rift, an entire section of land that connected present day Rennsfar to Serathyr fell beneath the waves as well, permanently separating the island of Renthara from the mainland of Corwyn. Even today, there are rumors that the city of Asgamoth lies intact somewhere beneath the surface of the Sea of Ralas and will someday rise back up to claim its place among the nations of Corwyn.