Lost City of Asgamoth

Once located on the shores of the Sea of Ralas, Asgamoth was an ancient City-State, which was destroyed during the Great Rift of 884/3.

In the early Third Age, Asgamoth was founded by a Ralani ethnic group called the Asgari, whose people were led by King Zephron of the House of Malvo.

This grand city was located on the mouth of the Vale River, as it spilled into the Sea of Ralas; on a large island connected to the mainland by a narrow rocky causeway.

On this causeway was a great iron drawbridge, which could be quickly raised and protected the city inhabitants from invasion. Because of its secure position, Asgamoth soon grew into a major city, and eventually became the most powerful human nation in the entire region.

The growing city also grew fabulously wealthy because of trade with its neighbors; the Elven city of Selunë and the Dwarven nation of Khûrzhad.

Asgamoth eventually became the wealthiest and most powerful human city of the Third Age. Sadly, the pride and arrogance of the city matched its immense wealth.


The city's religious reverence was also a crucial part of its cultural identity.

Asgamoth contained four fabulous temples, including shrines to the four elemental deities, Gorash, Ixion, Lehr, and Myrival. But above all, the city's residents worshipped Lehr; the God of Stone, who they believed lived atop the tallest peak in the nearby Cairn Mountains.

To honor him, the people of Asgamoth built several great shrines to Lehr in the mountains which towered over their city. The common folk believed strongly in the afterlife. So, to aid their Kings and Queens in the great beyond, the priests of Lehr built massive tombs for all of their fallen rulers.

These tombs were located in the mountains, high above the city, and their construction is how the "Cairn Mountains" received their name. All the ancient rulers of Asgamoth were buried there. The tombs were placed in secret, secluded sites, and were filled with priceless treasures.

Sadly, over the centuries, all the royal tombs were plundered, and today, precious few artifacts exist.



Sages disagree as to what caused the fall of Asgamoth. Some legends says, the city was destroyed by Lehr; the God of Stone, who became jealous of Asgamoth's growing allegiance to Myrival, while others claim it was the Sea-Goddess herself. Others believe it was either a plot by the Dark-Elves or Alokkair.

Whatever the true cause, the city was completely destroyed in the year 884/3, and the entire city slipped beneath the waves forever.

When the city was destroyed, the Trident of Myrival, which was kept in her temple within the city, was lost as well.

Even today, there are rumors that the city of Asgamoth lies intact; somewhere deep beneath the ocean surface, and many believe Asgamoth will someday rise back up to claim its place among the nations of Corwyn.