(population: 47,000) Ashara is the capitol city of the kingdom of Gwynne, located on a series of hills and stark cliffs along the eastern shore of the Myrival River.

Ashara is large city, plagued with corruption by both the royal court and its petty nobility. This ancient city is protected by high walls and strong stone battlements, for it has been assaulted many times. In the center of the city is massive Gwynnish citadel of Castle Myrkur, that dominates the city skyline. Ashara is accessible via the Stoneway that runs west to Kholis and east to Carthac Keep, and the Ansilay Road, that runs north over the Salakrün Mountains to Morgoth.

Ashara has a long and dark history. The city of Ashara was at one time only a small city in the fledgling Thannish Kingdom of Valdor, which was founded by King Valden Durethë. Valden was able to unite all of the Thannish clans under one banner, but his legacy was short because of the bitter sibling rivalry of his two sons; Eldan and Rhodan. A brief seventy years after its founding, the kingdom of Valdor splintered into two smaller Thannish kingdoms, Eldara and Rhodara. Ashara then became the capitol of Rhodara, under its first king; Rhodan Mallistäer. Under the Mallistäer Dynasty, Ashara grew in power and wealth over the years, becoming famous for its decadence and corruption. The Mallistäer Dynasty finally ended in 1279/4, when King Radovan Mallistäer II was slain by the Vilzari at the Battle of Flint Harbor, and dark times came to the city

Rhodara and its capitol city then came to be ruled by the Mad-King; Gayorg Gwyharë. For twenty-five years, Gayorg ruled Rhodara as a despot, and the city of Ashara became a frightful place of dread, with daily executions and arrests by the king's secret police. The city was later sacked and burned during the final desperate days of the disastrous War of Annexation. Years later, Ashara was rebuilt under King Grenn Gwyharë and became the new capitol of the new Kingdom of Gwynne. The city prospered until the Gwynnish Civil War. During this conflict, the city was burned during the Battle of Ashara, and the House of Baldurin overthrown by Gorion Taraghon.


Ashara was re-built and endured for many centuries, until the city was besieged and burned by an orcish army in 825/6, during the Forgotten War. But Ashara was rebuilt again, and became much larger, with two sets of walls. the smaller section of the city is known as "Old Ashara." Today, the kingdom of Gwynne is ailing. Thus, the city is now filled with poverty and decay, and is a shadow of its former glory days. The city of Ashara is currently governed by Duke Joran Renfro, who commands the City Guard of 300 lightly armed militia. In the event of an emergency, the garrison of Castle Myrkur, which numbers almost 1,500 well-equipped soldiers can respond, but these troops answer to the King, the Crown Prince, and the castle Seneschal, not Duke Renfro.