Lost City of Ashkavan

Ancient, Ruined city located at western edge of the Vakara Grasslands, along the shores of the Grafenmyr. This was once the capitol of the lost Xholar Empire and the greatest of Hakeen cities on Corwyn; home to thousands of its people. The city was a vibrant, thriving center of Hakeen learning, arts, and culture.

Ashkavan was destroyed in 325/4 by √úthrari barbarian tribes led by Zhang the Terrible, and its few surviving Hakeen inhabitants either fled eastward toward the sea or became enslave d. Currently, the ruins are abandoned , and the √úthrari never settled here out of some strange superstition. It is said that the spirit of the last Hakeen Dragonfly Emperor of the Xholar Empire haunts the ruins, with his fallen warriors as ghostly company.