(population: 40,000) The name Astrakan literally means 'Circle of Stars' in the ancient Silvanestri tongue of the High-Elves. This ancient forest city is the capitol and largest city of the High-Elves of Melinarë. Astrakan is located deep within the Melinar Forest, on the eastern banks of the Anglarand River.

Astrakan is the greatest southern city of the High-Elves. It was was built in the First Age, along with its northern sister-city of Therakan. Astrakan is accessible via the Forest Road which connects the capitol to Janos-Mol to the east, and the Silvar Road, running between Alathar to the northeast and the seaport of Silvany to the southwest.

To protect its inhabitants, the city is surrounded by a natural barrier of trees and ferns that are impregnable to elvish foes.

The Palace of Astrakan is home to the Honorarium; the temple of elvish heoes of Corwyn.