(population: 40,000) Astrakan; meaning 'Circle of Stars' in elvish, is the capitol city of Melinarë; the nation of the High-Elves of Corwyn.

This ancient forest city is the largest city of the High-Elves; located deep within the Melinar Forest, on the eastern banks of the Anglarand River. Astrakan was built in the First Age, along with its northern sister-city of Therakan. To protect its inhabitants, the city is surrounded by a natural barrier of trees and ferns that are impregnable to elvish foes.

In the center of Astrakan is the fabulous Starlight Palace; home to both the Honorarium; the temple of elvish heroes of Corwyn, and the Adamantine Throne; seat of the High-Elven Kings.

Astrakan is accessible via the Forest Road which runs east to Janos-Mol, and the Silvar Road, which runs east to Alathar and west to Silvany.