Queen Astrid Kilräen

Astrid Kilräen was the 14th ruler of Amar from the Kilräen Dynasty.

Queen Astrid assumed the Brass Throne in the year 385/6, upon the death of her father; Maladric II. In the year 403/6, she married Lord Ralston Everly, a member of a prominent noble family in neighboring Erindar.

When the Halberon Uprising broke out in the year 404/6, both Queen Astrid and her husband openly supported the Loyalist cause with money, and secretly, with military support.

To send military support during the conflict, Queen Astrid created the Steelfist Regiment; a unit of "volunteers," who were secretly paid by the Amari Crown to fight against the rebels.

Things came to a head when her husband was slain by a rebel ambush while on a mission into Erindar; sparking outrage among the Amari Royal Court. Astrid's eldest son; Prince Rodrik swore revenge upon the Halberons for his father's murder.

Astrid died in 420/6, and was succeeded by her son; Rodrik, who continued to support the loyalists until their final defeat at Crittendon, in the year 423/6