Astrology of Corwyn

In the night sky far above the continent of Corwyn are countless stars and constellations. Every deity has a star named after them, and their symbols are associated with the shapes of the deity’s constellations.

For example, Enom; the God of Light and the patron-deity of the Sun, has a large star in the north sky named for him. The North Star lies at the top of a chair shaped constellation known as the Throne of Enom. Freyj, the Goddess of Pain has large bright star in the southern hemisphere named for her, which lies at the end of a wavy constellation known as the Whip of Freyj.

Finally, Kagyar, the God of Decay has his star in the center of a gaseous nebula that appears at night as a reddish cloud. This cloudy nebula is known as the Dust of Kagyar. Every lawful, neutral, and chaotic deity has a central star and a constellation named for them. Some believe that these stars represent the realm that each God or Goddess rules, for others the stars are only beacons or symbols of the powerful Malkar; the immortals.

Other than the 23 constellations, there are also several powerful astral bodies that are well-known. Among the most important are a bright western star known as the Dragonseye for its reddish glow, the Kingspyre in the south, with a yellow glow, and the Ice-Giant in the far north with a bright blue aura.