Astronomy of Corwyn


The World of the Corwyn Game setting is called Oris, an earth-sized planet containing five major continents and four major oceans.


The Moon; this large sphere orbits over the world of Oris and has many names; Orana, Cyra, Selunë, Velok, Vharal.

Other planets in the Solar System: Eras, Orenia, Hemdal, Theros, Volaris, and Y'Nara.


In the night sky far above the continent of Corwyn are countless stars and constellations. Every deity has either a birght star or constellation named after them, and their symbols are associated with the shapes of the deity’s constellations. the 23 known constellations hovering above the world of Oris are as follows:

Other than the major constellations, there are also several powerful astral bodies that are well-known. Among the most important are a bright western star known as the Dragonseye for its reddish glow, the Kingspyre in the south, with a yellow glow, and the Ice-Giant in the far north with a bright blue aura.