Lost City of Ataclan

The ancient Olman ruins of Ataclan are located on the eastern coast of Za'har, and are a testament to the ancient Olman civilization that prospered here thousands of years ago.

Long before the Olman people began their great migration east across the Wyn Myr and settled the Saffron Isles, the Isle of Dread, the Olman Islands, and the Olman Empire of the Continent of Avokhar, the Olman lived peacefully here.

That all changed when the war-like, demon-worshiping nation of Khorovia invaded their territory. The people of Khorovia were called the Deskari, and their wanton cruelty literally drove the entire Olman civilization to flee from the continent for safety.

Now only the abandoned ruins remain here, a reminder of a great civilization of the far-distant past.