Lost City of Ataclan

Ataclan was once an integral part of an ancient Olman civilization located on continent of Za'har.

Four thousand years ago, the Olman people established an advanced and prosperous civilization on Za'har, centered around the magnificent city of Ataclan, which was located near the eastern coast of that continent.

The Olman society of Ataclan was fiercely religious, and it within this city, their leaders built their first major temples to the Olman Pantheon: Mictlantecuhtli, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Tōnatiuh, Zotzilaha, and Tláloc.

For many centuries, Ataclan and its advanced Olman civilization prospered. That all changed when Olman territory was invaded by the neighboring nation of Khorovia. The people of Khorovia were called the Deskari, a savage, war-like race who worshiped demons.

For many years, the bloody Deskari invasions took their toll on the Olman, and thousands of their people were carried off by the invaders to be used as human sacrifices to their Demonic overlords.

Finally, Atalcan was overrun, and its survivors began to flee the continent, in an event called the "Great Migration." Over the next several decades, the Olman set out in great fleets of outrigger canoes and other vessels. They sailed east across the Wyn Myr, settling in the Saffron Isles, the Isle of Dread, the Olman Islands, and, eventually, the Continent of Azoria.


It was in the Sanjaara Jungle of Azoria, where the Olman built an even grander civilization; the Olman Empire.