Atharavon (Elutheria)

(population: 43,000) Atharavon is the second largest city in the kingdom of Ammarind; it is built upon the ruins of the elvish city of Elutheria.

As a seaport, Atharavon relies heavily on sea traffic from Dragon Sound, as well as caravans from the cities of Amara and Alenthas. The great city was once an important citadel of the kingdom of Amar, and is equally important to the kingdom of Ammarind. Atharavon is located west of the Falls of Herthmar. It is nestled on a high plateau, overlooking the northern banks Amari River and the southern shores of Dragon Sound. Atharavon is accessible via the Herthmar Road that leads south from Athos-Sorel, as well as via ships or barges on both the Amari River and Dragon Sound.


The city is unique, in that its foundations are built upon the ruins of Lost elvish City of Elutheria, which was destroyed during the War of Wrath. There are rumors of an enormous series of Catacombs and a huge maze of underground dungeon passages far beneath the city that lead all the way to the Underdark, and other dangers.

The city is currently governed by Duke Maric Nhoray; who resides in the ancient fortress of Northhold at the center of the city.