Atharavon (Elutheria)

(population: 43,000) Located on the shores of Dragon Sound, Atharavon is the second largest city in the kingdom of Ammarind. It is built upon the ruins of the ancient elvish city of Elutheria.

As a seaport, Atharavon relies heavily on sea traffic from Dragon Sound, as well as caravans from the cities of Amara and Alenthas. The great city was once an important citadel of the kingdom of Amar, and is today, equally important to the kingdom of Ammarind.

Atharavon is located west of the Falls of Herthmar, nestled on a high plateau, overlooking the northern banks of the Amari River and the southern shores of Dragon Sound. Along the shoreline near the city are a series of tall cliffs that contain various sea-caves. Rumors persist that these caverns hold magical portals to exotic locales deep below the surface.


Atharavon is a large, tolerant, wealthy port city; visited by thousands of merchants and travelers during every season except the harshest winter months. Here, the arts are highly valued and in the various markets of the city; one can buy craft-works of the highest quality found anywhere on the continent.

“One can buy anything in Atharavon,” the wry saying goes, “if one has but enough coins." Money talks in this city; where hundreds of rich and powerful Amari families, whose wealth and power was founded in commercial success, dominate every aspect of city-life.

Within the city are dozens of influential Guilds, as well as private individuals whose wealth can buy entire villages elsewhere on Corwyn. Wide varieties of behavior, dress, beliefs, and interests are tolerated in this eclectic, trade-driven, cosmopolitan city. Adventurers, however, are warned that freedom and tolerance end sharply where deeds that cost others money to repair begin.

To keep order, Atharavon relies upon both its City Watch; made up of lightly-armed Militia and the City Guard; consisting of well-armed soldiers based at Castle Northhold. Both of these forces are ably commanded by Duke Maric Nhoray; the Lord-Governor of Atharavon.

The nobility of Atharavon walk proudly among the city folk, but with their eyes and ears open. Justice in the city tends to be both fair and swift; and thieves and other criminals are extremely wary. Most locals, when told tales of the fabled Catacombs, believe them to be either scary tales told in the street by urchins or simply harmless gossip.

Most visitors and travelers love to hear dark tales of death, danger, horrible monsters, and magic in the secret lair far beneath the city. There is even a popular tavern near the harbor called "the Yawning Portal;" where the exploits of brave dungeon-delvers of the Catacombs are lionized, and young toughs gather to swagger and tell scary, boastful stories about their own deeds done in the dark of night. It is said the stories get wilder as the night gets later and the patrons get drunker.

As a seaport, Atharavon is most accessible via ships or barges on both the Amari River and Dragon Sound. But for land traffic, the city can be reached via the Herthmar Road; which runs north to the fortress of Athos-Sorel, and south to the Rynnish city of Holt.


Local History

This city is unique, in that its foundations are built upon the ruins of ancient, lost elvish city of Elutheria; which was destroyed thousands of years ago, during the War of Wrath. Even today, there are persistent rumors regarding an enormous series of Catacombs; a huge maze of dangerous, underground dungeon passages, beneath the city, that lead all the way into the Underdark.

The city is currently governed by Duke Maric Nhoray; a powerful Amari Nobleman who resides in the ancient fortress of Northhold at the center of the city.