Athos-Gelynar "the Gateway Keep"

Athos-Gelynar; commonly known as the "Gateway Keep," is an impregnable fortress and the only gate in the Kerak border wall.

The Gateway Keep is the strongest fortification in the entire Kingdom of Eldara. This massive fortress was built in the Fifth Age by the Ravinian Empire with a single purpose; to the be the one and only gate through the impregnable, 320-mile-long Kerak barrier wall. At one time, this enormous castle contained an Imperial garrison of nearly 10,000 troops; but today, musters only 1,500 soldiers of Eldara’s army.

The Keep is actually several large fortifications built upon one another. First it houses a massive castle, astride the actual gate that contains huge storerooms, lavish barracks, and many armories. Second, there are twin massive battlements on the southern side that run 500 feet outward from the Kerak Walls. These "jaws," as they are called, allow archers to fire down from both sides upon any invading army, and force their enemies to run a gauntlet of deadly missile fire as they approach the actual gates.

The gates themselves are 40 feet high, made of brass and iron, and heavily reinforced with timber beams. Beyond them is a series of several portcullises; covered from every angle with murder holes and arrow slits. It is no small wonder that the gate has never been breached by any foe.


The Gateway Keep is also the junction of the Isthmus Road running east and west across the Eldaran Isthmus, and the Rin Falar Road running north to its namesake city.