'passage to safety’ (Svt) The royal citadel of Ammarind, and a great fortress of the West. Athos-Sorel is located in the center of the kingdom on a large mountain overlooking the plains. This mountain fortress was built in the year 15/4, and became the citadel of King Edric Atharë. For the next 1,282 years, the castle served his family until the Battle of the Dawn. The castle then passed to King Aldric Mäeryn and served his family for 621 years until the War of the Cataclysm. The castle then passed to King Vhäerik Kilräen and served his family for 683 years, until the Battle of Krell. Afterward, the castle became the possession of King Osric Selwyn and served his family for 278 years, until the War of the Forgotten King. The castle then passed to King Khedric Escalon, and has continued to serve his family for the last 295 years. A grand total of 95 different kings and their families have lived in this vast mountain fortress.

Throughout its history, the castle has been assailed and besieged seven times but has never fallen to any foe, to the undying pride of its people. The castle was besieged for over a year in 1275/4, for over a year in 432/5, again from 521-524/5, and again in 548/5. The fortress weathered nearly four years of siege between 621-625/5 during the War of the Cataclysm. Later, Sorimmar’s armies again laid a five-year siege during the War of Crows. Most recently, the fortress for six months in 1167/6, during the Border War. None of these seven assaults ever succeeded. From the great towers of the castle, one can see many miles east to the banks of the Athlan Myr, or west to the eastern peaks of the Axehead Mountains.

The fortress also serves as a vital road junction. The following roads intersect here; first, the Herthmar Road; running between Atharavon and Norethë; second, the High Road; running west to Coldhaven and east to Amara, and third, the North Road; that leads northeast to Cold Mountain Keep. The fortress has been the home to the Brass Throne of both Amar and Ammarind over the last 3,159 years.