Athos-Sorel is an impregnable, mountain-top fortress which serves as the royal citadel of Ammarind.

Athos-Sorel, which means "Passage to Safety," in old Markesh, is located atop a mountain in the center of the kingdom, overlooking the surrounding plains.

In the year 15 of the Fourth Age, King Edric Garigan of Amar ordered the castle to be constructed. It is said that Edric wanted to show off the greatness of his newly founded realm.

King Edric also installed the famed Brass Throne in the Great Hall, where it remains to this very day. Even after the kingdom of Amar became Ammarind, this castle remained its royal citadel.

This fortress is so high up, that from its towers, one can see many miles east to the banks of the Athlan Myr, or west to the eastern peaks of the Axehead Mountains.

Over the last 3,159 years, Athos-Sorel has been home to 119 different Amador monarchs and their families:

Throughout its history, the castle has been besieged seven times but has never fallen to any foe; which is source of great pride among the Amari people.

The castle was besieged for over a year in 1275/4, for over a year in 432/5, again from 521-524/5, and again in 548/5.

The fortress weathered nearly four years of siege between 621-625/5 during the War of the Cataclysm.

Later, Sorimmar’s armies again laid a five-year siege during the War of Crows.

Most recently, in 1167/6, the fortress was under siege for six months during the Border War with Marundi.

The fortress of Athos-Sorel also serves as a vital road junction. The following roads intersect here;