King Athrenar Rennarë

One of the Seven Champions of the West and founder of the Southern Kingdom of Ralas. Athrenar was the first holder of DARKSLAYER; one of the seven Melanthir swords, given to him by the Council of Sorcerë as a reward for his courage and leadership. Athrenar founded the kingdom of Ralas in 31/4, and assumed the Dragon Throne. Athrenar also ordered his great watchtower built in the year 44/4 to protect his people from the corsairs of Tar Vielca. Athrenar was a great explorer and sailor and his exploits at sea are legendary. Unfortunately, Athrenar's explorations led him into contact with the corsairs and prates of Tar Vielca and the two groups have fought for supremacy ever since. King Athrenar died in battle with corsairs from Tar Vielca in the year 66/4. He was succeeded on the Dragon Throne by his son Alaron, who continued the Rennarë Dynasty.

The surname "Rennarë" was given to King Athrenar of Rennara by the Council of Sorcerë; it means "Hailing from Rennara" in elvish.