Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Law, Repose, Sun
Portfolio: The Sun, Light, Warmth
Worshipers: Paladins, Druids
Symbol: Furnace
Ator is Corwyn’s God of the Sun.

As one of the second generation Malkar, Ator is the son of Enom; the God of Life, and the father of Etahr; the God of Strength, and Berevrom; the God of Truth. Ator is the master of all light in the world. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of the sun, daytime, light, and the sky.

Ator's symbol is a great stone Furnace, the heat and light of which give light and warmth to the world of Corwyn. Ator is a proud God, and his followers can be a somewhat arrogant in their dealings, believing they are worshiping the most supreme of deities.

Clerics of Ator wear bright yellow robes to represent the bright burning heat and sunlight of their master, and are usually rural priests, or monks.

Ator’s followers erect many temples in open sunny places to glorify their master, and the temples are unusual in that they have no roofs, so Ator’s light can shine through to his followers. His greatest temple is located in the city of Elsareth on the Avenue of Deities. Ator’s chief rival is the chaotic Goddess Eiryundal.

Other Faiths

Ator has many names in many cultures. The Vilzari people call him Marzok, and ancient Shorafi peoples once called him "Amun-Ra."