Baron Avery Kromar

Avery Kromar is a corrupt Thannish aristocrat, who currently rules the small Eldaran city of Varistan.

Avery has ruled the city for 25 years, and during that time, has developed a reputation as an unpleasant man who is thoroughly corrupt. The Baron has spent much of his reign enriching himself through graft. Sadly, Kromar isn't just corrupt; he can be quite cruel as well and enforces his will through Captain Andros Hewitt; the much-feared commander of the City Watch.

In one of his most infamous decrees, he ordered Saul Van Kasken to lose his hand, and seized all his assets; all arising from a clearly bogus theft charge.

House Kromar

For generations, the Kromar family has lived within the walls of the Citadel; an ancient palace originally built for the Princes of the Sokoro Union. Baron Avery currently resides there, along with a garrison of 250 soldiers.