Avner Meravanchi

Avner is a young scion of the powerful House of Meravanchi in Sasserine.

Avner is the eldest son of Lord Zebulon Meravanchi, and the nephew of Mathalay Meravanchi. He has a well-earned reputation, as a lecherous cad and an arrogant fop. Recently, his reputation sank even lower after several witnesses observed him making improper advances toward an underage girl.

Lavinia seems openly repulsed by Avner, and politely refers to him as “overly handsy." Despite making her feelings clear to him, Avner has continued to pursue Lavinia romantically.

Recently, Avner was selected by his father to accompany the expedition to the Farshore colony on the Isle of Dread; probably in an effort either to redeem his reputation, or simply to get rid of him.

Before embarking on the Sea Wyvern, Avner insisted on bringing along two servants; Barnaby and Quenge, as well as a huge amount of other useless cargo, including his prized horse; Thunderstrike.

Avner is named for King Avner Montero; a famous ruler of the lost Kingdom of Ralas.