Avner Meravanchi

Avner Meravanchi is the scion of the noble House of Meravanchi in Sasserine, and eldest son of Lord Zebulon Meravanchi.

Avner has a dubious, but well-earned reputation about the city for being a lecherous cad and is seen as by many as an arrogant fop. Avner is also the nephew of Mathalay. Once described as “overly handsy” by Lavinia, he has actively been pursuing her romantically, even though she is completely repulsed by him. He was once observed by several witnesses making improper advances towards an underage girl.

As of late, Avner remains an aimless, wealthy noble scion. Recently, He was recently sent by his father to accompany the expedition to the Farshore colony on the Isle of Dread. The reasons behind this decision remain obscure. Avner insisted on bringing along his prized horse; Thunderstrike, two man-servants, and a huge amount of goods along with him when he embarked on the Sea Wyvern.