King Avner Montero

King Avner was the first ruler of Ralas from the Montero Dynasty.

In the year 1244/4, Avner succeeded King Malenvar Sanborn III, after his death during the Battle of Volnar Strait.

King Avner was forever known as the "Sad-King," for he was never able to forgive himself for failing to save King Malenvar III during the epic Battle. Avner had been present at the battle, commanding one of the warships in Malenvar's Ralani Fleet.

Avner desperately tried to discourage the King from ramming the enemy flagship, but Malenvar wanted to slay the Pirate-King and avenge the terror and suffering inflicted upon the Ralani people for so many years.

When the Corsair flagship blew up, with King Malenvar on-board, Avner could only watch and weep. It is said, the King brooded on that terrible battle for the rest of his days.

The Montero Straits; the narrow waters between Serathyr and Rennsfar, are named for this famous Ralani King.