Avokhar; commonly known as “Eloysia,” or the “Dark Continent,” is one of the five continents of Oris. It is located directly south of the Continent of Corwyn; between the Wyn Myr and Vhan Myr Oceans.

This continent is located far to the south of the Sea of Sand and is made up of towering volcanic mountain ranges, gigantic, fast flowing rivers, and a vast, dense tropical rain forest called the Sanjaara Jungle. Avokhar is separated from Corwyn by two enormous mountain ranges; The Hellfire Mountains in the west, and the Sha’Dur Mountains in the east.

The Peoples of Avokhar

The human populations of Avokhar are made up primarily of Eloysians; they are the dominant human ethnic racial group. There are also strong minorities of ethnic Verassi, Kunda, and Vilzari peoples who are also natives here, as well as large numbers of ethnic Ralani who migrated south from Ralas thousands of years ago.

Located mostly in city-states along the eastern coast, many thousands of ethic Hakeen and Kratheri can be found on Avokhar as well. These peoples are not natives; both races emigrated from Za’har long ago, to escape the horrors of the Demon-Worshiping Deskari. Deep inside the jungle, the ancient and mysterious Olman people, also originally hailing from Za'har, still have traces of their lost empire here as well.

The Rockdale

This region in northwestern Avokhar, is made up of volcanic mountains, rocky valleys, and some farmlands. The entire Rockdale region is surrounded by tall, volcanic mountains and the vast, dense Sanjaara Jungle. The Rockdale is also home to several major civilizations. The large and powerful human Republic of Kendar is found here, with its five major cities of Shard, Axilon, Highspire, Dragonloft, and Kendar City enclosed in the famous Sky-Valley. The Rockdale is also home to the independent city-states of Sasserine and Caldera, which are accessible via the secluded Wyvern Bay. Further east, lies the Sha’Dur Mountains and within them is the Prelacy of Al’Hazra and its bustling capitol of Var Salaam. Further east, on the southern coast of the Eloysian Sea is the Free City of Quelaara. All three of these civilizations have different cultures and societies, but each interact and trade with fairly commonly with the nations of Corwyn.


The Bronze Coast

The largest known human civilizations of Avokhar are found on its eastern shores, in a region called the Bronze Coast. Along the Bronze Coast, are found the world-famous Seven Cities of Brass. These seven cities, from north to south, are: Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Xhaarata, Al’Than E’Thai, Dhal Viera, Vhal Quaaros, and Ona Miertay. These seven great city-states all compete for resources and trade along the coast, and all were once part of the lost Eloysian Empire. Today, the cities are independent mercantile giants, rather than military powers. The trade goods from these cities are famous across Corwyn, and has made these cities among the wealthiest on Oris.

The Wild Coast

Far less populous, and distinctly more dangerous than the Bronze Coast; the western shores of Avokhar are called the Wild Coast. Here, along these shores are a diverse collection of small cities and settlements. The Wild Coast was colonized long ago by Ralani explorers from Corwyn, and even today, the Ralani influence is strong here. This region has an ominous reputation because of the threat of piracy from the nearby city of Tar Vielca on Narrow Isle and the fleets of Corsairs whose ships prowl the waters of the Shining Sea. Even the Sanjaara Jungle in this region is dangerous. It is a completely untamed wilderness; full of ancient Olman ruins, Serpent-Folk, and dangerous beasts that prey on unfortunate explorers. The safest refuge along the Wild Coast is the secluded Wyvern Bay; which acts as a gateway to the cities of Sasserine, and further inland, Caldera.


The Sanjaara Jungle

Nearly two-thirds of the surface of Avokhar is covered with the largest tropical rain-forest found anywhere on the world of Oris. This gigantic lush and dense rain-forest is called the Sanjaara Jungle. The massive jungle is home to many ancient ruins, strange tribes of primitive humans, tropical diseases, and untold thousands of savage beasts, poisonous insects, and dangerous Serpent-folk. The jungle is also home to the greatest river in the world; the Sanjaara River. This enormous river is literally the lifeblood of the jungle. Its thousands of branches and tributaries give the the continent its humid and oppressive, tropical climate and the lush, dense nature of the tree canopy. The Sanjaara Jungle was once home to the powerful Eloysian Empire; the largest human empire that ever existed on the continent. Today, many parts of the Sanjaara remain unexplored and uncharted. These various unknown regions have given rise to the term: "the Dark Continent.”

The Lost Eloysian Empire

Long ago, this empire was the greatest and most populated nation in the history of Avokhar. The Eloysian Empire grew out of the small, but aggressive human kingdom called Eloysia and was founded in AR 001 by its charismatic leader; Al'Dur. At its zenith, it was twice as large as the Ravinian Empire on Corwyn and was four times as populous. The empire was a marvel of the known world for over 2,000 years. It completely controlled the entire continent of Avokhar, as well as several large island civilizations in the Vhan Myr, and the western third of the continent of Za'har. At its peak, the Eloysian Empire controlled vast territories and millions of subjects, in addition to its capitol city of Sanjakar. These conquered territories included 15 large cities: Akkad, Al’Than E’Thai, Daresh, Dhal Ciona, Dhal Viera, Eriskhar, Irskaan, Khalifar, Na'Jath, Ona Miertay, Oriad, Quelaara, S'serrak, Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Xhaarata, and Vhal Quaaros. The empire also ruled two small kingdoms located in far-southern Avokhar: the Realm of Vhan Da'Har and the Verassi Dominion. Sadly, that empire is long fallen, which has left a terrible permanent power vacuum. Even today, there are no large kingdoms or empires on Avokhar, but rather many smaller competing city-states and small regional powers. That is the Empire's greatest legacy


The Serpent Kingdoms

The infamous Serpent Kingdoms of western Avokhar are both legendary and terrifying. In the distant past, long before the empires of Man began to rise, the Serpent-folk of Avokhar built a great civilization deep in the jungle. This ancient serpent civilization was called Nagendra. The capitol city of the serpent-folk was the mysterious and legendary city of S'serrak. This civilization enslaved many ethnic Kunda peoples, and used them as sacrifices and even food. The Empire of Nagendra was finally destroyed thousands of years ago by Tilvanos and the Kingdom of Eloysia at the conclusion of the long and bloody Venom Wars. What then became of the serpent-folk remains a mystery, as there have been many recent sightings of them in the dense western regions of the Sanjaara Jungle. Their once thriving city of S'sserak is now thought to be only deserted ruins, and attracts many hardy adventurers with tales of hidden treasures beyond imagination.

Southern Avokhar

Southern Avokhar is bordered by the massive Medrassi Mountains, and is dominated by the enormous Plains of Chalk and an arid southern desert called the Red Wastes. The other great civilizations of southern Avokhar are: the realm of Vhan Da'Har and its capitol of Akkad, and the Verassi Dominion and its capitol city of Irskaan. The great City-States of southern Avokhar are: Daresh, Dhal Ciona, Eriskhar, Oriad, and Na'Jath.

Islands off Avokhar

There are several large island civilizations directly offshore of the continent of Avokhar. Off the western shores of Avokhar, deep within in the Shining Sea are the Theocracy of Nimbor and its capitol of Syrene, the Pirate-realm of Narrow Isle and its capitol of Tar Vielca, and the independent island nation of the Serpents Teeth, and its city of Freeport.

Off the eastern shores of Avokhar, deep into the Vhan Myr are two great civilizations: the Emirate of Al’Kethai, and its capitol city of Azoria, and the Island nation of Malvatis, with its capitol city of Mori.