(the Dark Continent) Enormous continent below Corwyn, far to the south of the Myr Gelyn, also referred to as Eloysia. This continent is made up of towering mountain ranges, fast flowing rivers of gigantic size, and a vast, dark rain forest called the Sanjaara Jungle. Avokhar is separated from Corwyn by two enormous mountain ranges; The Hellfire Mountains in the west, the Sha'Dur Mountains in the east. The largest known human civilizations lie on the eastern shores of the continent, in a region called the Bronze Coast.

There are also a series of cities and smaller settlements along the northwestern coastal regions, known as the Wild Coast. The Wild Coast was colonized long ago by Ralani explorers from Corwyn, and even today, the Ralani influence is strong there. The Sanjaara Jungle of Avokhar was once home to the greatest human empire ever seen on the world of Corwyn, but that great civilization withered and now much of the vast Dark Continent is unknown to all. The most common race of humans in Avokhar are known as the Eloysians. The vast jungle called the Sanjaara was once home to the powerful Eloysian Empire. That empire is long fallen, and now all that remains are the Seven Cities of Brass; seven powerful city-states along the east coast. These seven cities compete for resources and trade with the island nations of the Vhan Myr and and several other smaller citadels within the jungle itself. In addition to the seven cities of brass are many other smaller city-states and independent realms located throughout the continent. The far southern region of the Sanjaara jungle were once home to Nagendra; the infamous serpent-kingdom.

Far southern Avokhar has mountains, the enormous Plains of Chalk and a great desert called the Red Wastes. The three northern civilizations of Avokhar that have the most contact with the peoples of Corwyn are the Prelacy of Al’ Hazra, the Republic of Kendar, and the Free City of Quelaara

The seven cities of Brass are:Al’Than E’Thai, Dhal Viera, Ona Miertay, Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Xhaarata, Vhal Quaaros,

The other great civilizations of southern Avokhar are: the realm of Vhan Da'Har and its capitol of Akkad, the serpent-kingdom of Nagendra and its capitol of S'serrak, the Verassi Dominion and its capitol of Irskaan, and the Island Sultanate of Al’Kethai, and its capitol of Azoria.

The great City-States of Avokhar are: Caldera, Daresh, Dhal Ciona, Eriskhar, Oriad, Sasserine, Magyrus, Mori and Tar Vielca