Battle of Axbridge

(0015/5) Axbridge was the site of an epic battle between the forces of Erin Fremantle and Casperian Rilsav, which ended the Wars of Destiny.

King Casperian fielded a force of 25,000 of his own men from Rilsavar; his allies included 5,000 mercenaries, 5,000 men from Irondale, and about 8,000 various groups of soldiers from the city-states of Gresham, Cymereth, and Karthis. His army was quite formidable; it was made up of well-trained, disciplined, soldiers; all of them hardened veterans.

Facing Casperian was Erin Fremantle; with a force of over 70,000 men; of which 40,000 were loyal Vaas soldiers, 30,000 were Ravinian troops. his allies included troops from Pike's Ferry, Gresham, and Lakewood.

During the battle, Casperian Rilsav was slain; extinguishing the ancient House of Rilsav. When he fell, his army was routed and fled the field. One key factor in the battle was the betrayal by the forces of Irondale, who were guarding the right flank, then turned their swords upon their allies, and caused havoc on the field.

The City of Rilsavar surrendered shortly after, and the new Kingdom of Erindar was founded, with Erin Fremantle as its first King.

The battle is the bloodiest conflict ever fought on Elyrian soil, with more than 30,000 men slain in a single day.