Axehead Mountains ("Chokar Mts.")

The Axehead Mountains; also called the "Chokar Mountains," are located in far eastern Orrek.

The dwarves call these mountains the "Chokar," named for the ancient Dwarven nation founded there in the year 757 of the Second Age by Gromnir the Invincible.

The northern border of these mountains is the Frozen Coast of the Myr Thalal. On the East and South, these mountains serve as the borders of the Barrens, and the Kingdom of Erindar. The Kronarwood buts up against the western borders of the mountains.

Beneath these massive mountains, lies the ancient dwarvish city of Arkan Feyr.

At the far eastern edge of these mountains is Firestorm Peak; a large sloping mountain which the dwarves have superstitiously avoided for centuries. At the base of the mountain is the small human settlement of Longbridge.

Today, the Axehead Mountains are inhabited by dwarves, a few Wildfolk tribes, and many fierce goblins.