Axehead Mountains

The Axehead Mountains; also called the Chokar Mountains, are a large mountainous chain in the far eastern region of Orrek, inhabited by dwarves and a few barbaric Vaas humans.

Chokar; the dwarvish name for this range derives from an ancient Dwarf-realm founded there in the year 757/2 by Dwarf-King Gromnir the Invincible of the Inorlaiken Clan. These mountains stretch south from Myr Thalal coast for hundreds of miles. The mountains are bordered by the Kronarwood on the west. On the East, from north to south, the mountains serve as the borders of the Barrens, the Vast, and finally the Kingdom of Erindar.

Beneath these massive mountains, lies the ancient dwarvish city of Arkan Feyr and the dwarves who dwell there are constantly at war with their underground goblin and orc neighbors. Occasionally, these wars spill onto the surface of Corwyn, and dwarvish war-bands are a common sight throughout both the Barrens and the Vast.