King Axilar Sanborn; "The Great Wanderer"

Axilar Sanborn; commonly known as the "Great Wanderer," was the 14th king of Ralas, who is famous for discovering the Continent of Azoria and expanding Ralani influence there.

Axilar became king at a young age, and even as a child loved the sea and sailing. When his father was slain fighting Corsairs from Tar Vielca, the king was only a teenager.

Axilar desperately wanted to explore the regions of the unknown world and perhaps find the home of the hated pirates who had killed his father. He did not find Narrow Isle, but instead discovered the vast continent of Azoria.

The Expedition

In the year 359/4, Axilar gathered a huge armada of ships and began a long voyage south to explore the unknown lands of the south. He left his older son Andros to rule Ralas, and took his younger son Kendros with him on the journey.

The first discovery of the expedition was "Overlook Harbor." Here, Axilar founded a small settlement that would one day grow into the nation of Kendar. In the surrounding mountains and the famous "Sky-Valley," Axilar's followers later founded several more settlements that would eventually became the cities of Axilon, Dragonsbluff, Highspire, Shard, and Kendar City.

Axilar then continued his expedition, sailing south down the entire length of the Wild Coast. His ships sailed around the southern tip of Azoria and he named those treacherous waters the "Cape of Black Ice."

Axilar's ships then continued north up the eastern shores of Azoria, a region known as the "Bronze Coast." Along this leg of the journey, the Ralani fleet stopped at every one of its famed "Seven Cities," and King Axilar befriended the Eloysian rulers of each city.

All seven stops were recorded in Axilar's journal, and tell of the wondrous Eloysian cultures the King encountered on his long journey, and the deep friendships he made with the various rulers of the seven city-states.


Axilar's Legacy

After ten grueling years, King Axilar returned to his home city of Rastios in the year 369/4.

For centuries after, The Kingdom of Ralas became fabulously wealthy from the trade between its peoples and the Eloysians of the, so-called, "Dark Continent."