King Axilar Sanborn; "The Great Wanderer"

Axilar Sanborn; commonly known as the "Great Wanderer," was the 14th king of Ralas, who sat upon the Dragon Throne between the years 352-388/4. Axilar discovered the rich Continent of Avokhar and brought back its exotic goods to Corwyn for the very first time.

Axilar is best remembered for his many travels and adventures across the world of Oris. Axilar became king at a young age, and even as a child loved the sea and sailing. When his father was slain fighting Corsairs from Tar Vielca, the king was only a teenager. Axilar desperately wanted to explore the regions of the unknown world and perhaps find the home of the pirates who had killed his father. He did not find Narrow Isle, but instead found the continent of Avokhar.

Axilar soon gathered a huge armada of ships and began a long pilgrimage far to the south to explore the unknown lands of Avokhar. He left his older son Andros to rule in his stead and took his younger son Kendros with him on the journey. Axilar sailed so far south he rounded the bottom of the continent of Avokhar and named the frozen waters there the Cape of Black Ice. Along his journey, Axilar explored the Shining Sea, then landed and explored inland in northern Avokhar. There he discovered the hidden Sky-Valley of the Hellfire Mountains.

King Axilar founded the colony of Kendar in 359/4 (AR -64), after exploring the Sky-Valley. In those mountains and valleys, Axilar's followers founded the earliest Ralani settlements that would eventually became the cities of Shard and Kendar City, which would someday grow into a realm of enormous wealth and power. In a ten-year period between 359 and 369/4 (AR -64 to AR -54), Axilar eventually sailed all the way around the continent of Avokhar, stopping at every one of the Seven Cities of Brass along the Bronze Coast, and befriending the Eloysians who dwelt there. The seven visits were recorded in his journal, and tell of the wonders of Eloysian culture and magic Axilar encountered on his journey, and the deep friendships he made with the various rulers of the seven city-states.


Axilar left his son Kendros to rule the colony he had founded, and returned to Ralas a great hero. For centuries after, Ralas became fabulously wealthy from the trade between their kingdom and the Eloysians.