Dwarf-Realm of Azkar

Azkar was an ancient Dwarven nation located in the Grey Mountains.

This ancient dwarvish civilization was founded in the year 663/2 by Dwarf-King Vharig the Conqueror of the Velenkhür Clan after he conquered and eradicated the orc and goblin tribes dwelling in the mountains.

The first capital of Azkar was Darôk, but later moved to Crôm Feyr, along with the seat of Dwarvish power; the famed Anvil Throne. The last king of Azkar was Vholnir the Tireless, who was slain in the terrible War of Sorrows.

Azkar was the first united dwarf-realm to be founded in the north. Azkar answered the call from the Saar when they were threatened. In the year 252/3, King Vorlag Velenkhür of Azkar marched his dwarf army east and fought heroically at the Battle of Orgorod, where he and many of his warriors perished.

In Gratitude, his son Vholnir was given one of five Elatir by the Saar.

In 660/3, the Dwarf-realm of Azkar merged with the Dwarf-realms of Chokar and Urkhar to become the mighty Dwarven nation of Orrek.