(population 72,000) Azoria is the bustling capitol of the island realm of Al’Kethai, and one of the best known seaports in the Vhan Myr.

Today, Azoria is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the known world. It is here, that the Amir of Al'Kethai has decreed all cultures and peoples are to be treated with equal respect.

Based of Ekkors' benevolence, one can find large ethnic minorities of Thannish, Hakeen, and Daroon folk here; although over half the city's population is still made up of Eloysians.

For centuries, the peoples of this Al'Kethai were known all over the world as "Azorians." That name was derived from this city.

As one of the greatest seaports found in the world of Oris; the busiest section of Azoria is its sprawling harbor district. At any time, hundreds of assorted merchants vessels from Ilsenene, Orel, Rhaygos, Malvatis, Styr, the Seven Cities of Brass, and Yamada can be found in its vast Emerald Harbor.