Sasserine: Azure District (Harbor District)

Commonly called "Harbor District," Azure District is Sasserine’s true waterfront. Consisting of two sections, Azure District also houses the majority of the city’s working-class citizens, although they aren’t quite as desperate as those forced to live in the slums of Shadowshore. The western section of Azure District is primarily concerned with the city’s internal waterways, while the eastern section is home to the city’s booming whaling industry.

Azure District’s representative on the Dawn Council is the noble house of Islaran. This family has held the post of harbormaster for many generations, although rumor holds that old Keltar Islaran’s getting on in years, he lost both his children to tragedy, and none of his other relatives particularly want the job when he passes on. Rumors also hold that the Kellani family has designs on this post, but with relations between these two families being as choppy as they are these days, it’s unlikely that such a transfer will occur while old Keltar still lives.

Whereas the majority of Sasserine’s trade occurs in the Merchant District, Azure District remains a close second. In particular, the trade of exotic animals is a lucrative (and often dangerous) facet of this district’s East Market. Most of these creatures are destined for lives in the north as pets, but a few of them are more dangerous. This trade is one of the few the Azure Watch monitors (after a particularly tragic incident involving an escaped wyvern)—as a result, the black market and smuggling trade for dangerous animals does a booming business.


If you’re from Azure District, you probably spent a fair portion of your youth at sea. You have friends or family that work in the whaling or shipping industries, and have probably spent some time on a whaler or merchant ship yourself. You likely worship at the Azure Cathedral, a temple dedicated to Myrival (the Goddess of the Oceans).

Notable NPCs:

Amella Venkalli, Belrain Daskeral, Harliss Javell, Helena Kellani, Keltar Islaran, Maklash Gristwhistle, Rowyn Kellani, Urol Forol



Water Rat [General] Most of Azure District’s citizens learn to swim at a very early age, and take to the water as easily as land.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Swim checks. When wearing light or no armor and not encumbered, fatigued, or exhausted, you can swim at one-half your speed as a move
action or your full speed as a full-round action. While swimming, you gain a +2 bonus on Initiative checks.

Normal: Without the benefits of this feat, a character swims at one-quarter his speed as a move action or at one-half speed as a full-round action.