Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a mythical witch who lived in far northern Corwyn long ago.

According to legend; 10,000 years ago, Baba Yaga was a simple old woman named Yanca who lived a peaceful rural existence in the Northern Wastes. One night, she was caught in a terrible storm and took shelter in a deep cave.

In that cave, she met a powerful Fey, who agreed to teach her its magical secrets. After two days Yanca left the cave, only to find that many years had passed outside. She soon discovered all her friends and family were dead, and her village had been abandoned.

So, Yanca returned to the cave as an old woman, intent on learning even more magic. When she emerged once again, Yanca had aged far beyond mortal years. She soon found that the local people shunned her and called her an "ugly old crone."

The old woman grew angry and bitter; she left everything behind to live deep in the forest; in an ancient burial mound called a "Kurgan." While living there, Yanca built a house for herself; the famous Dancing Hut.

Baba means "Grandmother," and Yanca was later mispronounced as "Yaga." Hence, she took on the name of "Baba Yaga." As time went on, Baba Yaga grew more wretched; she would often catch strangers and eat them, while she placed powerful curses on others who had the misfortune to cross her path.

No one doubted Yaga's frightful powers over nature; she could control the weather, birds, beasts, and even life itself.


Destruction of the Kingdom of Thalar

Legend has it; Baba Yaga, who already had a reputation as a powerful witch, was once approached by Queen Katarina of Thalar.

The Queen was beautiful and vain, and desperately sought magic to keep herself forever young.

The young Queen then betrayed Baba Yaga and stole her magical secrets.

Enraged, Baba took revenge on Queen Katarina, her family, and the entire kingdom of Thalar; causing a massive winter Storm that overwhelmed the nation and destroyed it.

What finally became of Baba Yaga and her famous "Dancing Hut" remains a mystery.