Balabar Smenk

Balabar Smenk is a local merchant in the town of Diamond Lake, and the director of the Lakeside Mining Guild.

Most Local folk say Smenk is the most powerful man in Diamond Lake, and they would be correct. He is an extremely cunning and influential local merchant. Smenk currently controls the profitable Lakeside Mining Guild, as well as four large iron mines in and about town. In addition to his mining empire, Smenk also owns a large personal estate and the Feral Dog tavern in the town of Diamond Lake.

Smenk is both corrupt and unscrupulous, but has held onto his position because of his savvy political connections in the city of Redmark and his brilliant and devious intellect. Balabar's main enforcer is an albino half-orc brute named Kullen. It is rumored that Captain Trask; the commander of the Town Guard, is secretly on his payroll as well.