Baldurin Dynasty

The Baldurin Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Garth, who assumed rulership of Gwynne in the year 625/5, after the death of King Gorthon Gwyharë IV at the Battle of Harkalad.

The House of Baldurin ruled the Kingdom for 268 years and 11 family members sat upon the Crimson Throne at Castle Myrkur.

The Dynasty ended in 263/6 when King Garrett was captured and executed by rival nobles during the Gwynnish Civil War.

After the Baldurin Dynasty was eliminated, the Gwynnish throne was succeeded by King Gorion Taraghon.

The Baldurin Rulers of Gwynne

Garth 625-630/5, 1-31/6
Gerard 31-57/6
Grenthar 57-87/6
Garyld 87-111/6
Godrenn 111-142/6 †
Griselda 142-171/6
Garathar 171-185/6 †
Garth II 185-207/6
Gerold 207-230/6 †
Gheren 230-252/6 †
Garrett 252-263/6 †