Baranthyr Dynasty

The Baranthyr Dynasty was a line of Ralani rulers descended from King Alaron; who founded the kingdom of Rennsfar in 553/6 after waging a successful war of independence against the kingdom of Ralas.

Tragically, the House of Baranthyr ruled Rennsfar for only 121 years and only five rulers sat upon the Emerald Throne at Castle Everwind.

The Dynasty ended in 674/6 when King Anrahal was slain during the Battle of Krell.

The Baranthyrs were succeeded by King Althorn Garistano, whose descendants still rule Rennsfar today.

The Baranthyr Rulers of Rennsfar

Alaron 553-578/6
Althorn 578-607/6
Axilar 607-625/6
Arathar 625-659/6
Anrahal 659-674/6 †