Barony of Bloodstone

The Barony of Bloodstone was a human stronghold which once exited in the Bloodstone Valley

For centuries, the story of Bloodstone Valley was inextricably linked to the Dwarven realm of Kronar. The valley attracted little attention from anyone outside the mountainous barricades of the region. In the late Third Age, groups of Thannish pioneers gathered in scattered communities of hunters, trappers, and farmers, all pitifully poor and eking out a squalid, uninteresting existence.

Over time, these Thannish tribes banded together in the Heartlands region and founded the great human kingdom of Rhodara. Over the years, the Rhodarans expanded north from their city of Ashara into the Bloodstone Valley, where they encountered the dwarves of Kronar. Eventually, King Robar and the dwarven King Ormethar formed an alliance, and for many years there was a strong bond of friendship and a lucrative trade between the Thannish and the dwarves.

Long before the present settlement of Ansilay existed, there was a dwarvish colony called Skörvos; built in the very same location. Skörvos was a small dwarvish colony of Kronar; but also a successful trading post in its own right. As the trade between Rhodara and Kronar grew, more humans began moving into the aptly-named Bloodstone Valley.

In the year, 250/4 the dwarves allowed the Thanns to set up their own small independent settlement inside the Bloodstone Valley; this became known as the "Barony of Bloodstone." The Thannish lord who was sent by Rhodara to rule this barony was none other than Baron Ansilay Trevalio.

For many years thereafter, the human-dwarf trade prospered. The dwarves used their wealth and skills to build the fantastic Dun-Tharos; the famous "Dwarf-Gate." This fortification guarded the Bloodstone Valley from an orcish invasion from Drakhara.

Sadly, this prosperous period did not last. In the year 1087 of the Fourth Age, Alokkair sent a huge army of orcs into the valley. Skörvos was overrun and destroyed and, soon after, the city of Krone Feyr fell and the entire dwarven nation of Kronar collapsed.

Making matters worse, the humans in the region were thrown into complete disarray when their mother-kingdom of Rhodara came under the rule of the "Mad-King;" Gayorg Gwynnett. His rule caused the destruction of that kingdom as well.