Barony of Ghastonne

The Barony of Ghastonne was an ancient Thannish realm that controlled the eastern regions of the Heartlands in the late Third Age. Ghastonne was eventually taken over by Valden the Conqueror and became part of the kingdom of Valdor.

The founder and first ruler of the Barony was Lord Gareth Gwynnett; who conquered the eastern Heartlands, captured the city of Ashara, and made that city his citadel. The House of Gwynnett continued to rule the Barony for nearly 250 years until the final campaign of Valden the Conqueror, who conquered the Barony and took over the eastern city of Ashara in the year 1131 of the Third Age. At that point the Barony of Ghastonne became part of the newly established Kingdom of Valdor.

The last Baron of Ghastonne was Gillam Gwynnett; known derisively as "Gillam the Kneeler." Lord Gillam was so named because he bent the knee to King Valden and surrendered the city of Ashara.

Today, the Barony has been enlarged and is titled the "Duchy of Ghastonne." It is a large territory within the Kingdom of Gwynne.