The Barrens

The Barrens is a vast, largely-ungoverned region of western Corwyn.

The region is bordered on the east by Dragon Sound, on the west by the Axehead Mountains, on the north by the Frozen Coast, and on the south by the massive Anglarand River. The northern parts of the Barrens are rugged and hilly, while the southern half is mostly sprawling, flat prairie land. Despite its arid nature; hardly any crops can be grown here, because of the northern climate which makes even the summers cool.


To the west of the Barrens lies the Dwarf-realm of Orrek, so dwarves are a common sight on the High Road, which traverses the entire region between the dwarven city of Arkan Feyr and the human settlement of Northam.

The eastern foothills of the Axehead Mountains are home to thousands of hollowed out caverns, many of which are infested with goblins. Over the centuries, many wars have been fought between the dwarves and the goblins living here.

Points of Interest