Basilisks are large, eight-legged reptiles with the terrifying ability to poison or petrify their prey.

Though not malicious, basilisks are indisputably dangerous. They can be found all over Corwyn, including subterranean caverns.

Typically, basilisks shelter within burrows, caves, or other similar areas. These dens are sometimes distinguished by what appear to be statues, although these are, in fact, creatures that have previously been petrified by the gaze of the creature.

The ancient elves called basilisks hagar motab or "bringers of stone-death", and it is from ancient Elvish lore where most of the knowledge about basilisks comes from.


Basilisks are essentially reptilian; with eight muscular legs, which they crawl upon. Basilisks commonly have a dull brown or purple-gray upper body with a yellowish or tan underbelly. Basilisks possess rows of bony spines that line their backs and some have a curved horn atop their noses.

The most notable feature of the Basilisk are its eyes; which famously glow with a pale green light. Adult basilisks grow to be about 9 feet (1.8 meters)) long, not counting the tail, which could reach another 5 to 7 feet. Basilisks typically weigh around 300 pounds.


If attacked, the creatures simply gazes at its foes and attempts to petrify them. In addition, the Basilisk has powerful jaws and can bite its prey, injecting them with Basilisk Venom; a powerful deadly poison.

Because of its potent lethality, Basilisk Venom is highly desirable by assassins and carries a very steep price on the black market.


Like many other magical beasts, the Basilisk was created long ago by the Shadurian wizards of the Iridescent Order.