Battle of Thürdrum

Also known as the "Battle of Nine Armies" or the "Battle of 'Seven Swords," the gigantic battle of Thürdrum in 1179/3 was fought between the First Alliance of men, elves, and dwarves against Alokkair and his Gauth, and orcish armies.

The battle was also named for the eight armies of the First Alliance who fought there; the armies of the elves, the dwarves, the Aeryn, the Amari, Iskari, the Thalari, the Ralani, and the Thann, as well as the Gauth who fought under Alokkair’s banner.

During the battle, Alokkair was captured by King Eradan of Alveron and his Gauth army defeated. After this battle the War of the Melanthir came to a successful end, and Alokkair was imprisoned at Castle Myrdon. Thürdrum was also the only battle in history where all seven Melanthir swords were wielded on the same field.

Sadly, the dwarven king; Relgathor the Far-sighted was slain in this battle.