Battle of Thürdrum

(1179/3) Thürdrum was the site of an epic battle between the First Alliance and the forces of Alokkair, which ended the War of the Elanthir.

The battle was also called the "Battle of Nine Armies" because of the nine armies that fought there. There were seven different armies that made up the First Alliance; the elves, the dwarves, the Ryndar, the Iskari, the Thaldain, the Ralani, and the Thannish. The eighth and ninth armies were Alokkair's; made up of fierce Gauth and Orc soldiers.

Thürdrum was also the only battle in history where all seven Elanthir swords were wielded on the same field; that is how it received the moniker "Battle of Seven Swords."

During this battle, Alokkair was captured by King Eradan of Alveron and his army was completely destroyed.

Afterward, the War of the Elanthir came to a successful end, and Alokkair was imprisoned at Castle Myrdon.

The Gauth suffered such devastating losses at Thürdrum, they were never again seen in large numbers on Corwyn.


Sadly, the dwarven King; Relgathor the Far-sighted and the elven King; Anseraf Elyrion were slain in this battle.