Berevrom's Keep

Berevrom's Keep, also known as the 'Red Keep,' is a strong military outpost of Derianor and the headquarters of the Silver Ravens.

The Fortress is located on the eastern borders of Derianor, near the crossing of the Academë Road over the Vryne River. The Keep was originally built in the Fifth Age as a Ravinian outpost to guard against raids from the Wildfolk, and protect the Road as it went through the Vast. The keep is currently garrisoned by a contingent of the Order of Tetragon.

Because of its red stone construction, the fortress is commonly called by its nickname, the ‘Red Keep.’ The Red Keep is famous as the training ground and home of the Silver Ravens. Young boys aged eight thought twelve come from all over the West to gain admittance into the order and become a knight someday, or a priest of the Shua. Within the walls of the Keep are hundreds of young aspiring knights, and students of religion, who are taught under the watchful eye of senior priests and paladins of the Order.


This castle was originally ordered built by Lord Adleroth Penrose, not just as a military fortress, but rather to encircle a great temple dedicated to Berevrom. Lord Adleroth was an Amari exile from the lost kingdom of Amar, who traveled west with a small group of retainers and founded a settlement called Donareth on the banks of the Vryne River. Adleroth desired to bring order to what was then a chaotic and violent region of Corwyn. He also ordered a temple to Shua built on the road between the settlements of Amhorst and Cymereth. This temple was destroyed in a vicious raid by Wildfolk tribesmen, and was later rebuilt as a fortified temple, which grew into a great fortress, such as it is today.

At first, the fortress was manned by soldiers of the Freehold of Dorada, then garrisoned by imperial soldiers from the Ravinian Empire, and after the founding of the Theocracy of Derianor, it became home to the Silver Ravens.