The Blight

The Blight; also known as "The Blighted Lands," is large region of unholy, magically devastated terrain in the center of the Continent of Za'har.

This entire region was once the location of the lost Deskari civilization, this region has succumbed to evil forces from the Abyss, and hosts of demons and other terrible creatures freely roam here.

The Deskari were a demon-worshiping civilization destroyed thousands of years ago. Khorov, their only known city lies in ruins now, infested with demonic folk. The Deskari once drove out the Olman and Kratheri peoples from Za'har, and paid the price for doing so.

Today, the Blight is enclosed by a powerful magical barrier known only as "The Boundary." Every so often however, the Boundary allows demons to venture forth, and groups of powerful adventurers from Khalifar are hired to stop them.